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10 Best Diet Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are coming up soon, and it's so exciting to think of all the food that we're all going to be consuming. However, because of the weight that is gained during these next two months perhaps you should consider some tips to help you not gain those extra pounds you'll be hating yourself for later. In this article I am going to go through 10 of the best holiday diet tips ever. Following a couple of them during the next two months will do your weight and your moods and your body a lot of good.

1. Plan ahead
When it comes time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve lunch or dinner, it's always best to plan ahead how much you want to eat. If you're not aware of what's going to be served, it's a good idea to ask in advanced and to prepare yourself.

2. Eat in small portions
Since the holiday food doesn't come around often, it's good to eat everything that you like or want to try out; so long as you do this in moderation. Try to eat portions that would fit in your palm.

3. Be active
The mistake that most people make during the holidays; don't stay in all day sitting down or laying down. Consider going for a walk at the mall, or perhaps doing some visiting around with your neighbors. Don't stay sitting down for more than an hour at any time, unless you're sleeping.

4. Keep track
If you feel that you're not in control of what you eat and that's why you pile on the pounds during the holidays, then it's time to start keeping track of yourself. Consider setting a limit in calories and then write down how you consume those calories. It's not hard to do, and there's a lot of sites online that will let you know how many calories are in thousands of foods.

5. Find a fun workout
There is no point in not eating during the holidays, all you will cause yourself is pain and anger. Instead, eat what you want and exercise on a daily basis. Find something that you love to do such as walking or dancing perhaps and try to do this at least four times a week.

6. Moderate sweets
If you know that you just can't help but eat sweets during the winter time, then don't try to stop yourself, just moderate your consumption. If you usually eat four cookies, cut down to two. Do this, and you will not only feel better, but you'll feel healthier in the long run also.

7. Avoid late night leftover eating
Whatever you do, don't eat leftovers during the night! This will not only hurt your mood and stomach, but it will also hurt your weight incredibly.

8. Pile up the vegetables and water
This is very good advice for those who have trouble with eating too little. If at the end of a meal you feel that you must have extra food, try to only pile up vegetables or foods with low calories. Also, you should drink water instead of soft drinks or juices; try to not drink more than one of those per day.

9. Eat half a portion of desert
Thanksgiving and Christmas deserts are amongst some of the best ever. However they will also pile on pounds for you; consider eating half of your usual deserts this holiday season.

10. Serve yourself half first
Once you've decided how much you're going to eat in each meal you have during the holidays, you should always serve yourself only half, and then have the half available if you're still hungry or for snacking that same day. Doing this helps you feel as if you're eating more.

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