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An Easy Way to Lose Weight: Portion Contol is the Key!

Today, in America, being overweight is fast becoming the norm instead of the exception. We are a nation that has forgotten how to eat properly. Instead of eating for hunger, health and wellness, we eat for entertainment, as a way of coping with our stressful lives, and for rewards. We need to relearn how to view food and eat it. One of the keys to losing weight is to eat less. May diet companies are doing very well telling us how and how much to eat.

One of the ways we can lose weight and be healthy is to learn portion control. This one thing can speed us on our way to weight loss. There are many good reasons to go this route for dieting. The first reason is that you can eat regular, normal food. If you know the right amount to eat, anything can be eaten. It makes dieting easier because there are no special foods to buy, cook or prepare. You can eat what you like to eat.

This leads to reason number two, which is that portion control is cheaper than specialty diets. It allows you to buy and eat those things readily available at the grocery store. You can even shop the sales and use those items in your weekly menus. There would be no specialty foods or pre-packaged meals to purchase, which can sometimes be expensive.

Next, we have variety as a reason for portion control. Pre-packaged meals and snacks have only so many choices. If you just use portion control, your imagination and tastes are the only limitations. Wise food choices will give you an unlimited range of meals and snacks to choose from. There is no limiting yourself to fat-free, low-carb, sugar-free, high-fiber foods. While some foods are healthier and better choices than others, there is room for occasional treats if you are careful.

Lastly, portion control will teach you life long healthy habits. It is a lesson that will continue all your life. With pre-packaged foods, it is hard to regulate your eating when the structured diet is over. If you learn to eat properly, it becomes automatic, and a life long habit.

There are probably many other reasons to learn to eat using portion control instead of pre=packaged meals. These are just a few of the major ones. If we could learn to eat healthy through portion control, we will be able to eat regular food and it will be easier, cheaper, give you a greater variety, and also promote life long healthy eating habits. All good reasons to change our eating habits. Today.

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