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Losing Weight with Wu Yi Tea

The popularity of all natural vintage Wu Yi tea most know as Wu long tea is increasing everyday for its claims of promoting weight loss. Some websites proclaim it as the world most powerful fat burner, but how do we know all this claims are true. Be careful with promises like "Drink tea and lose a jeans size every week!" or "Burn 30 lbs of fat in 30 days with this tea!"

The health benefits of Wu Yi Tea have been gaining exposure everywhere and it differs from black and green tea in that it is partially fermented (black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is not fermented). Green tea contains high levels of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a powerful anti oxidant and cancer fighter, Wu Yi tea contains only half as much EGCG as green tea, but instead is higher in polymerized polyphenols, which may contribute to its fat burning properties.

Several studies validate the ability of Wu Yi Tea to elevate the metabolism. One of these is performed on mice, and two in human. One study, performed on 11 Japanese females, found that the consumption of Wu Yi tea increased energy expenditure by 10%, green tea generated only a 4% increase in energy expenditure.

These studies are less valuable than those performed on a larger amount of individuals. Even if the study is completely accurate, the actual number of additional calories you'll burn as a result of consuming this tea is relatively minor (anywhere from 100-200 calories, depending on a large number of factors). So if you consume a large amount of calories in a significant manner, don't expect Wu Yi tea to do a lot for you.

I know that Wu Yi tea has fat burning properties and I support every natural product that has healthy benefits but the true is Wu Yi tea is not the world greatest fat burner, in my opinion the world greatest fat burner is a well balanced diet and exercise. The problem is that we don't want to make any change or modification on our lives; we want a fast solution that burns the fat right away and make us look like the zero fat girl in the package. The true is some people want to sell Wu Yi tea like a miracle thing and others just can't wait to get it.

If you want the Wu Yi tea to work you have to combine it with less calories in you diet and more or some kind of exercise, there is no such of thing like a miracle tea, is a tea with fat burning properties that can supplement your diet, and it will help reduce some pounds if you reduce the total daily calories.

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