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Wu Yi Tea - Is it Really Useful for Weight Loss?

The Process

Learning how oolong tea is processed is a beginning of our journey of discovery. After the tealeaves are picked they are laid out in the sun for a short period to wilt. They are then placed in baskets and shaken to bruise them (leaves). It is here the process of oxidation begins, when the juices from the leaves are exposed to the air for less than two hours as they are once again spread out to dry. They are then fired to stop the fermenting process.

Traditionally, oolong teas are fired in hot woks and then cooled very quickly. To get crisp dry leaves the leaves may need to be fermented again and then fired and cooled.

Some oolong tea is scented with jasmine. Since jasmine flowers bloom at night, they are picked in the early part of the day and are then steamed to hold their scent. Then they are mixed with the tea at night when the flowers open and release their scent. The scent is infused into the leaves. This process is then repeated the following day and night. It should also be stated that for this process of adding scents to the tea, green tea leaves are often used. Through the process of scenting, the leaves become oxidized, turning them into oolong tea.

Keep in mind that all tea is made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. How you get green, white, oolong or black tea all depends upon the process. If you want to drink tea for your health, there is no need to stick to a certain kind because the differences in the teas are minimal. So, does it work?

Some say not really

While it is true that tea does speed up your metabolism, the average rate is about 4%, which amounts to a weight loss of about 8-10 pounds a year. To really lose weight sensibly, use it as a healthy supplement to your regular diet and exercise routine. It can also help you prevent the times of reaching a plateau with your weight loss.

Some say yes

Both Rachael Ray have referred to wulong (oolong) tea for weight loss and a healthy maintenance to their lifestyle on their television shows. Oprah

Whether you drink oolong tea or any other kind, there is a time-honored ritual for reaping all of the benefits. Seep the loose tea or bags in hot water for the desired length of time. Pour the first cup and discard it. Now, enjoy the second and third cup to reap the full benefits and the best flavor.

Does it work? The straight answer is yes. There are many academic articles supporting Rachael Ray, and others!

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