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Diet Success!
Think Smart: Find a New Start

Planning -- not sheer willpower -- is the key to losing weight for good. When you plan your day-to-day activities to support your efforts, you will find it much easier to reach and maintain your target weight. Think about how your current behavior fits with your planning. If you see a disconnect, find ways to change that behavior at the first opportunity. Planning is crucial to success.

Eat Well: A Personal Approach to a Healthful Weight

Good food and good health: They do go together! Eating well is much more than following a diet plan until you’ve lost weight—it is the commitment you make to choose foods wisely. We’ll show you how to cut back on extra calories and transition to a healthful way of eating at the same time.

Calculating Your Health
Identify the amount of calories you should eat to lose weight and find your target weight range. more

Knowing What to Do
Learn different ways to reduce the amount of calories in your diet.

Keeping Track
Use these tools to help monitor your progress.

Menu Planning & Recipes
Try these sample recipes from the book and use these planning tools to enjoy delicious and healthful meals.

Move More: More Fit and Less Fat

Experts agree that diet alone is not enough to keep you fit and trim over time. Healthcare professionals have found that the best predictor of whether people will regain lost weight is whether they make physical
activity a regular part of their lives. If you are committed to breaking the yo-yo cycle—if you don’t ever want to regain the weight you lose—it’s important to get used to moving more.

Calculating Your Health
Identify your target heart rate and ideal weight range.

Knowing What to Do
Learn how to fit more fitness into your life.

Keeping Track
Use these tools to help you monitor your progress.

Maintaining Momentum: Keep Up the Good Work

We know it’s exciting to get started on a new program that you think will work for you. The sticking point, however, is being able to turn that first burst of enthusiasm into the lasting energy to keep going. That transition takes an essential but sometimes elusive ingredient—momentum.

Get the Book
Get more information about American Heart Association No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss.

Pass It On: Food, Fitness, and the Family

Once you have the tools to become a
healthier and fitter you, it’s time to pass along what you’ve learned to the ones you love. Obesity and overweight are not just adult issues. Overweight children are much more likely than their thinner counterparts to
grow up to be overweight or obese adults. The good news is that you can help your children develop good habits for eating well and staying physically active.

American Heart Association


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